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Website Building

Our website building service is based around a solid process to get you from woh to wow with ease and with minimal stress so you can focus on doing what you do best.


It starts with a meeting to get to know you and your business.  From there we organise everything needed to build you a website that is tailored to suit the look and feel of your business.

Your logo, words and images that you provide are integrated, and if you don't have them we can sort that for you too.

You'll see the progress along the way and have the opportunity to provide input and make decisions at the critical stages.  Once it's done we'll sort getting the site live with your domain provider.

Sound like a weight off your shoulders?  That's the idea.

Image by Andrew Neel

Logo  |  Words  |  Photography

If your logo and colour palate isn't quite ready for life on the web, we can provide graphic design services to bring it up to speed.  Already have a great logo and colour palate?  Great!  Let's use that.

Words (otherwise known as "copy") are a critical part of your website.  They set the tone of your business personality and should reflect who you and your business are.  Sharp with words and want to write your own?  Sweet!  But if it's not your forte we can provide this service for you.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, it's so true and photography is important to get right on your website.  You might have a range of great images to choose from, but if not, we can arrange and provide photography services through some of our trusted photographer friends.  

Logo Design

Services and Costs

Website Build

We offer fixed pricing on standard website builds.

Online Store

Priced per project, with fixed pricing.

Words | Logo | Photography

​Priced per project.

Ongoing Costs

Hosting subscriptions, integrations and transaction fees.  Pricing provided per project.

Cost Estimates

Our promise is to work on a no surprise costs basis.  All costs are outlined in a Cost Estimate which is provided after our initial meeting.


You will always know about costs before proceeding, and a payment plan is agreed upon when presenting you with pricing.

All costs are excluding GST.

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