How does it work?

We use a solid process to get from hey to wow with ease. It starts with an initial meeting to get to know your business and what problem you are trying to solve. From there we organise everything needed to build your website and sort it going live with your domain provider.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes we guarantee to deliver a website that meets the needs we agree upon.

I already have a web address, can I keep it?

Yes, once your new site is ready to go we will work with your current domain provider to transfer it over. We will ask you at the start of the project for this information to make sure there are no issues.

Do the websites work on any device?

Yes the platforms we use are designed to work on most modern day devices. If your computer / phone / browser is old or outdated some features may not work, it depends on what the website is being viewed on.

What if I don't have a logo or my logo is outdated or basic?

Depending on your business, we can arrange a great graphic designer who can develop a logo suite for you. If your logo needs a refresh and colour palate we can usually provide this service. If you need a whole rebrand or new logo, then we would provide some suggestions.

How will I know what it looks like while it's being built?

We will have regular check in’s at key stages to review progress. Usually the website is built from your logo and colour palate. You’ll get to see it to make sure you love it multiple times before it’s completed and launched into the world.

When do I pay for your services?

We agree upon a payment schedule when I present the costs to you. The standard terms include an upfront deposit, with progress payments along the way to help spread the cost out for you.

How long does it usually take?

We usually allow 2-4 weeks, but this can depend on the size of the website, availability of designers, photographers and the like.

Do you write the words for my website?

Can do! I offer a service to write the words (otherwise known as copy). Check out the Services page for more information.

I really want awesome photos, do you offer a photography service?

Yes, we can provide photography for your website. Depending on your aspirations, we'll either provide this or manage the photography for you with one of our trusted photographer friends. Check out our Services page for more information.

Can I add more to the site in the future?

Yes, we can plan for future developments and buid the site with this in mind.

Building a website sounds complicated and technical, how do you make it easier?

The service is based around guiding you through the process and doing all the grunt work in the background. The process is designed in such a way that it's easy for you and work isn't repeated which saves you time and money.