About Open Windows

Passionate about Local Business.

A great friend of mine has a small business without a website, and people of would often ask if he was going to get one.  His business was going well, and he was so busy working in his business he didn't have the time to get it done.

He also had a mate with a great business, but an outdated website that couldn't do online sales.  Online sales was the next revenue stream, and after the impact of lockdowns, was keen to make sure people could get his product at any time.

Out of this I saw a need for owners and managers of Small to Medium sized businesses that need a great website, but may not have the time or expertise to get it done.  They also may not have huge amounts of money to spend.


To solve this problem I came up with a way to build great looking websites, make the process easy and help people achieve their website goals without a huge cost.

I get a kick out of seeing awesome business ideas work well and this is what motivates me. 


This is what Open Windows means; people opening your website windows and engaging with you and your business.